Fab Ur Nails mail!! Picture Heavy!

Hey everyone! Today i have a review on Fab ur Nails. I bought these stampers and the clear jelly stamper as well.

I bought these stampers on January 28th and received them February 16. The shipping was $6.30USD from the Philippines.  When your order is dispatched you get a tracking number with it and it takes a few days to update the status.

My package was received unharmed and came with two bubble mailers inside. The stampers with the gold caps were in one mailer and an the clear stamper and holder were in another. They were both inside of their own plastic bags so they weren’t scratched up at all or damaged in any way.



The 2pc XL gold stamper set retails at $12.00USD and comes with a plastic card scraper. The website has the dimensions of the stamper and the cap size.


size of stamper: 2.8cm diameter

XL cap size: 2.7cm diameter
4.0cm height

One of my favorite things about this stamper beside the fact that it is squishy soft and fits the curves of my nails perfectly, is that it can stand itself up unlike my black and white stamper which i caught mid-roll in the picture below.


The bottom of the XL stamper cap has the company logo on it



So how does it stamp? perfectly there was no real priming for any of the stampers, the only thing I did before using them was wash them with some soap and let them dry, that’s it. The results from stamping are below.

The clear stamper set retails at $6.50 USD and comes with 2 clear stamper heads, 1  translucent holder, and 1 plastic scraper. The clear stamper head is according to the website 2.8cm diameter. I had been hearing that these types of clear stampers are very fragile and I was a little scared to order it since it might come damaged. When I  received it it was inside the package inside of its own bubble mailer and in a small plastic bag. It came completely unharmed and in perfect condition.


The stamper is squishy firm and I can confirm now that I am holding it that it is a squishy firm.



you can see right through the stamper and it acts like a magnifying glass when you look through it.


I have to admit the scraper it came with I haven’t tried yet, I usually stick to an old gift card or even the fab ur nails scraper like the one that i got in the gold XL stamper set.


So hows the stamping quality? It was really good, I had no problems picking up the images, the only thing done before stamping was washing it with some soap and letting it dry. When you’re stamping on your nails with it however it does take a little getting used to. As i said before the stamper head has a little bit of a magnifying effect. I’ve never used any clear stamper heads below in my life so I’m sure I’ll get better and it will probably take a few uses before I can try it out with my smaller images. The stamper head itself is able to fit my C curve with no problems at all. There’s no real need to roll the images onto my nails but if i wanted to I could.

The last stamper I received was actually a gift from Johanne. Thank you so much Johanne!

Fun gold XL glaze stamper retails at $6.75 USD this is one of the newest stampers released by Fab ur Nails. The color is beige with little golden shimmer inside. The XL stampers are both sticky but not too sticky they are both squishy soft.



The website says that the XL stampers are the same size as these new XL glaze stampers but I actually found that mine is a slightly bigger than the regular XL. When I took it out of the holder I actually found that there was a slight wrinkle on the backside of it but it doesn’t interfere at all with the stamping, I just assume the wrinkle is from being in the holder.



How does it stamp? Just like all the other stampers I bought from Fab ur Nails this one also stamps beautifully.

I thought it would be helpful to show how the height of these all compare to my Winstonia stamper.


They all stamp perfectly I used the image from the Gals GA4 plate.


I used two methods to see if they stamped well. I pressed in the first column on the left and then rolled the stamper over the plate in the column on the right. As stated before none of these stampers were primed in anyway except I washed them in the sink with some soap and let them dry.

the missing patches in the “press” column are my own fault.


My next purchase will more than likely be the Jumbo Stamper and a few plates I’ve had my eye on.

Honestly Johanne has some really great products and I would recommend her store to anyone in the market for some awesome plates and stampers. I know her products are quality and I have yet to hear anyone say anything negative about her or the company. If there is ever an issue she responds back within the day.


Note: I just noticed that Fab ur Nails is now selling the Clear jelly stamper for $4.50 USD and it comes with 1 translucent holder, 1 stamper head, and 1 scraper.  2/25/16

These products were purchased with my own money and this is my honest review.

Nail Storage and Organization

I’ve seen this question asked on many threads and I know I spent a ton of time searching for the perfect way to store my things.

My stamping plates are currently housed in a simple purple binder. When you open it up the first thing a pencil pouch and that has a few scrapers accumulated from buying stampers. The next page is a trading card page with some Velcro stickers attached to the top of each plate to keep them in. All the round plates are separated into each divider, in order for me to know what I’m looking at fast I chose a color for each  brand. Pink being my Winstonia second generation plates.


The Moyou London plates I have are small enough to fit in between the page dividers.



Other plates such as Cheeky or Fab ur Nails are stored in a single page sheet with the same Velcro and with an added piece of cardboard behind the plate.


After these pages is a whole section for the swatches of each plate.


In regards to my Nail polish I own three clear storage shoe boxes that I found in Walmart. The dimensions of the box are 34.6 cm x 21cm x 12.4cm  and It’s a 6 Qt by Sterilite and the bottom is flat, some of the boxes do have a dip but the polish falls over in those so if possible grab the ones with a flat bottom. My nail tools are also stored in a box. This box houses stampers, nail files, glitters, fimo canes, and assorted decorations.


How do you guys store your supplies?