For Audrey 

So for this manicure the only thing changed from the original is white dots instead of black. 

  I found this manicure video a while ago and loved it. Obviously this is not my own video but I hope it’s helpful. You can find the tutorial Here enjoy! 


China glaze -for Audrey

Striper /black paint

White nail polish

Dotter tool in the smallest size

Morgan Taylor go ahead and grow

Swirly Twirly an ombre manicure (Pic tutorial)

Well today i have my first actual ombre manicure and on top of that im using my Bundle Monster Sunkissed collection plates!

on to the mani!



First i applied my base coat and applied one coat of Veniques Wingtip White


next i did my ombre with a regular makeup sponge and  the CG flip flop fantasy and shocking pink.


then i used my BM plate 506 with my Wet n Wild Black Creme and applied a health coat of Seche Vite



Here’s a close up of the nail


it came out a little patchy i might have pushed down a little hard or it might be too thin. I used my new Messy Mansion squishy stamper I’m so used to using my Winstonia Squishy firm. I bought the Messy Mansion squishy stamper because i really needed a stamper that would stretch out my smaller images and I’m glad i got it. i don’t quite have the hang of it yet but i think ill get better at it. I used it today with this manicure seeing as my nails are long right now and the plate images are just a bit too small for my long nail beds and not wide enough for my thumb.

Mundo De Unas haul (pic heavy)

Hello my fellow bloggers! so i recently purchased from Sylvia Zambrano over at Mundo de Uñas. She is a lovely indie polish and plate maker from Mexico.

I ordered the The confetti set which is made up of 7 colors,each bottle is 14ml. The set cost $23.50 usd and all the colors in this set stamp over black.

11. Yellow



54. Iris



32. Reddish



15. Mexican Pink

On a side note Mexican Pink does slightly stain any white stampers. I don’t mind it but others might.



4. Blue




52. Lemon Tree



53. Geranium




I wanted to show the differences between the blues. #4 blue is much brighter than #54 Iris



The shipping from Mexico varies by location and by the amount of polish you purchase. There is a shipping chart on her website that can help you figure out the cost. There is also a chart on her Facebook that tells you which colors stamp over black and which stamp over white.


on top of the confetti set i also ordered #1 White (full size) and #21 Purple in mini size which is a 5ml bottle. Both the white and purple also stamp over black.

All the full size bottles cost $3.50 usd

the mini cost $1.65 usd

1. White



21. purple (mini)


i actually had a problem with my purple when i unwrapped it from its packaging it was damaged, the top of the bottle separated from the bottle itself you cant really tell in the picture.  I contacted Sylvia about it and she got back to me right away.


This is the comparison of the regular sized bottle and the mini. The mini bottle is about the same size as those Bon Bon nail polishes you find at walmart.

The full size polish Essie polish below is 15ml and the Mundo De Unas polish is 14ml.



When it comes to these polish they are thicker than other polishes they wont dry as fast. You have a little bit more time to perfectly stamp.  It’s best to wait a few seconds before stamping onto your nails so as to not ruin your manicure. A little bit of color goes a long way, everyone says that but its true. you really don’t have to use very much.  Some people say that the colors stain your stamper but the only one that did that is 15. Mexican Pink. Everyone raves about these colors, believe the hype they stamp vibrantly over black and the colors are awesome. I would gladly purchase more polishes. The polish bottles don’t come with mixing balls so it is wise to buy some as they will need mixing because they are pretty thick.

Swanette over at Nailstamp4fun has a great Swatch video she also has her own review on this set and 2. black which i haven’t purchased yet.


Currently: Sylvia of Mundo De Unas is choosing not to ship internationally due to people bad mouthing her products and rude customers. The whole nail stamping community is hoping she changes her mind. She has an amazing product and we can’t let a few people ruin it for us and her hard work.