China Glaze Shocking Pink

I bought this color once before and i guess i just didn’t have the patience to use this color. It would take me a few coats to get it because i would keep being impatient and the color would come off if i went over it without waiting for it to dry. After i ran out of it i bought Pink Voltage by China Glaze as a hopeful replacement but i honestly didn’t like it as much as this color. Pink Voltage had a somewhat cool tinge to it. They  are both neon meaning they are kind of thin and streaky to apply. Shocking Pink applies in about 2-3 coats i used thicker coats. If you use thin coats you risk the color coming off when you pull the brush up. It dries to a matte finish alone but a top coat can remedy that. I will be repurchasing this color once i run out of it again. By the end of a few days not sure how many, the color came off in these flexible chips and I’m  not sure why. maybe it was the Seche Vite or the color itself but i felt i should include that. when i use it again ill update on what happens.





Here is Shocking Pink from a previous post, its topped off with crackle and Seche Vite.

Mickey Mouse

photo 5

Product List:

  • Morgan Taylor Go Ahead and Grow base coat
  • Hello kitty Banana cream
  • Wet n wild Black Creme
  • Stamping plate KD3

I wish i had a more opaque polish for the mickey mouse pattern. The plate itself is also too short for my nails so they’re a little warped looking. Overall a really cute manicure and  a decent stamping plate. would not recommend the plate for those with long nail beds. if anyone wants a tutorial id be happy to make one.