Bundle Monster Creative Polish set 3

Greetings everyone! Today we have some stamping polish!

So I received this nail polish set as a gift from a friend (Shout out to Kim!) It is the Bundle Monster Creative Polish set 3. There are two other sets as well that are available on the website. The sets themselves retail at $15.99 USD or $3.99 USD for each polish. Set 3 contains six colors Electromagnetic (B137), Optical Illusion (B138), Visionary (B139), Wavelengths (B140), Seeing Rainbows (B141), and Chromo (B142). All of the colors in this set have a metallic sheen to them.

The consistency of these polishes is just like any other nail polish, because it is a stamping polish I had assume the consistency would be thicker.

Please note: Bundle Monster cannot ship the polishes internationally so they can only be shipped within the US.

All the images were stamped with my Fab ur nails XL stamper

IMG_0149 - Copy

below is what the colors look like when you look at them at an angle.




below is what the colors look like when you look at them at an angle.


IMG_0151 - Copy

below is what the colors look like when you look at them at an angle.

IMG_0152 - Copy

The colors aren’t exactly impressive when stamped over black.I have had better results with polishes that don’t claim to be stamping polishes. However these polishes can be used as a base color and then stamped over with any color. These colors really don’t impress me as much when you have Mundo de Unas stamping polishes or even the new Bundle Monster stamping polishes from the weekend warrior collection.

Just for comparison take a look

IMG_0158IMG_0151 - Copy

I would love to say that the stamping polish looks this vibrant without flash but it doesn’t it looks very subtle and unless you look at it carefully you probably wouldn’t notice it.

OPI- Do you lilac it?

Bundle Monster- Festival stamping plate BM-S308

Bundle Monster- Electromagnetic stamping polish




Bundle Monster Festival Box Set!

Hey everyone! I received some nail mail! I ordered the Festival set that was released on March 10, 2016. It is available in a limited amount of quantities.  Shipping on Bundle Monster is $2.95 (in the 50 states) and takes 4-7 business days. When you order over $25.00 USD the shipping is free. I ordered on 3/10/16 and the next day my purchase was shipped. The package itself was supposed to arrive on 3/15/16 but there was a delay with USPS.

So onto the review! I bring you the Bundle Monster Festival set 2 which was on sale for $24.99 USD from It’s intended price of $33.95 USD. The set contains 10 square stamping plates, 3 stamping polishes in Gobi You (B155), Empire Club (B156), and Astronomical (B157), and 5 sheets of water transfer decals. You can buy the individual components of the box set by itself and I have included links for those who would like to or cannot get the box set because of nail polish shipping restrictions. USPS will not allow polishes to be shipped internationally according to Bundle Monster.

The second I saw glitterfingersss manicure with the crystals I knew I HAD to have this set. There is at least 1 image on every plate I would use. Considering I’ve bought plates in the past for the hype and not because I’m totally in love with them, I’m really excited about these. There is a great mix of full image plates to little designs such as those on plate BM-S305. The set itself is very versatile and  you could easily mix and match any of the plates. This is probably the only real Bundle Monster set that I’m super hyped up about.

The Festival stamping plates alone are $14.99 USD. Each plate measures 2 x 2 inches.


The plates each come wrapped up individually and with a blue film to protect them.


The big thing that I was worried about as I do with any plates is would they fit my nails. Below is a measurement of the full nail image on plate BM-S304


There are 3 plates that are full nail images BM-S304, BM-S308 and BM-S310. I have a comparison from the full nail images on plates

BM-S304,BM-S303, and BM-S301.

IMG_0143 - Copy

IMG_0144 - Copy




Here is a close up of the plates











All the plates stamp wonderfully and I had no problem picking up the images. Any of the mistakes with swatches are my own fault.


The polishes included in this set are Gobi you, Empire Club and Astronomical. As luck would have it I was sent Set 1 of the polishes rather than set 2. The polishes in set 1 which are swatched below using the Fab ur nails XL stamper. Each color bought separately is $4.99 USD.

Rose Garden,


Teepee Tipping

The consistency of the polishes are very thick and opaque, I did have some trouble with how thick Rose Garden is but it looks as if some of the polish came out during transit so that might have to do with it. I did find that after using Eldorado my stamper was very faintly stained from it. It’s not very noticeable since I used the green stamper head but it stained lightly.


When I get the correct colors I ordered I will update this post


There were 5 water transfer decal sheets included in the set as well. The decal sheets alone retail at $3.99 USD

1.) The first sheet has some astrological inspired designs


2.) The second sheet has some geometric strips


3.) The third sheet features some cute doodles


4.) The fourth has various palm trees


5.) The last sheet has what looks like oddly colored geometric trees.



 Bonus: I also ordered another XL nail plate from Bundle Monster Its from the  Polynesia collection and is plate BM-XL115, Maori Mana. I snagged it for 99 cents USD and It’s being sold at a clearance price because the feather design doesn’t transfer like Its supposed to. The plate is being sold until there are no more.

Below is the comparison between the festival plate which is 2×2 inches and the BM-XL plate




I was really curious about their XL plates since the only Bundle monster plates I own are from the Sun Kissed collection back in 2014 and they are a little small for my nail. I have a review on those here. For 99 cents I really didn’t have too much too lose and it bumped me into free shipping.

And here we have swatches of the actual plate itself



Bundle monster also has a 15%off coupon – cheer15 (good until March 31, 2016)

Fab Ur Nails mail!! Picture Heavy!

Hey everyone! Today i have a review on Fab ur Nails. I bought these stampers and the clear jelly stamper as well.

I bought these stampers on January 28th and received them February 16. The shipping was $6.30USD from the Philippines.  When your order is dispatched you get a tracking number with it and it takes a few days to update the status.

My package was received unharmed and came with two bubble mailers inside. The stampers with the gold caps were in one mailer and an the clear stamper and holder were in another. They were both inside of their own plastic bags so they weren’t scratched up at all or damaged in any way.



The 2pc XL gold stamper set retails at $12.00USD and comes with a plastic card scraper. The website has the dimensions of the stamper and the cap size.


size of stamper: 2.8cm diameter

XL cap size: 2.7cm diameter
4.0cm height

One of my favorite things about this stamper beside the fact that it is squishy soft and fits the curves of my nails perfectly, is that it can stand itself up unlike my black and white stamper which i caught mid-roll in the picture below.


The bottom of the XL stamper cap has the company logo on it



So how does it stamp? perfectly there was no real priming for any of the stampers, the only thing I did before using them was wash them with some soap and let them dry, that’s it. The results from stamping are below.

The clear stamper set retails at $6.50 USD and comes with 2 clear stamper heads, 1  translucent holder, and 1 plastic scraper. The clear stamper head is according to the website 2.8cm diameter. I had been hearing that these types of clear stampers are very fragile and I was a little scared to order it since it might come damaged. When I  received it it was inside the package inside of its own bubble mailer and in a small plastic bag. It came completely unharmed and in perfect condition.


The stamper is squishy firm and I can confirm now that I am holding it that it is a squishy firm.



you can see right through the stamper and it acts like a magnifying glass when you look through it.


I have to admit the scraper it came with I haven’t tried yet, I usually stick to an old gift card or even the fab ur nails scraper like the one that i got in the gold XL stamper set.


So hows the stamping quality? It was really good, I had no problems picking up the images, the only thing done before stamping was washing it with some soap and letting it dry. When you’re stamping on your nails with it however it does take a little getting used to. As i said before the stamper head has a little bit of a magnifying effect. I’ve never used any clear stamper heads below in my life so I’m sure I’ll get better and it will probably take a few uses before I can try it out with my smaller images. The stamper head itself is able to fit my C curve with no problems at all. There’s no real need to roll the images onto my nails but if i wanted to I could.

The last stamper I received was actually a gift from Johanne. Thank you so much Johanne!

Fun gold XL glaze stamper retails at $6.75 USD this is one of the newest stampers released by Fab ur Nails. The color is beige with little golden shimmer inside. The XL stampers are both sticky but not too sticky they are both squishy soft.



The website says that the XL stampers are the same size as these new XL glaze stampers but I actually found that mine is a slightly bigger than the regular XL. When I took it out of the holder I actually found that there was a slight wrinkle on the backside of it but it doesn’t interfere at all with the stamping, I just assume the wrinkle is from being in the holder.



How does it stamp? Just like all the other stampers I bought from Fab ur Nails this one also stamps beautifully.

I thought it would be helpful to show how the height of these all compare to my Winstonia stamper.


They all stamp perfectly I used the image from the Gals GA4 plate.


I used two methods to see if they stamped well. I pressed in the first column on the left and then rolled the stamper over the plate in the column on the right. As stated before none of these stampers were primed in anyway except I washed them in the sink with some soap and let them dry.

the missing patches in the “press” column are my own fault.


My next purchase will more than likely be the Jumbo Stamper and a few plates I’ve had my eye on.

Honestly Johanne has some really great products and I would recommend her store to anyone in the market for some awesome plates and stampers. I know her products are quality and I have yet to hear anyone say anything negative about her or the company. If there is ever an issue she responds back within the day.


Note: I just noticed that Fab ur Nails is now selling the Clear jelly stamper for $4.50 USD and it comes with 1 translucent holder, 1 stamper head, and 1 scraper.  2/25/16

These products were purchased with my own money and this is my honest review.

Fab ur Nails plate 09

I just received my Fab ur Nails plate, It took about 2 weeks to get over here to the east coast from the Philippines. The shipping was $6.30 USD, my package had a tracking number which got updated every day to every few days. Note: This particular plate has been discontinued.

When the package got here it was wrapped pretty nicely and Johanne included a scraper with the plate. It’s a hello kitty scraper and has the feel of a gift card. I was really hoping this was the scraper that I received I love hello kitty! I use pure acetone to clean my plates and from what I have noticed the scrapers image doesn’t fade. When i first opened the package i was a little surprised at the size of the plate itself it’s about the size of my hand. The dimensions are: 9.5 x 14.5 cm


I was a worried about the size of the full size images seeing as I have long and wide nail beds. The full nail images are about the size of the Moyou London xl images at 1.5 x 2cm. The website has the  full nail images listed as 1.6 cm x 2.1 cm this means they are bigger than Moyou London.

The only thing I found off about my plate was a deep scratch that was probably from transit. You can see it pretty clearly in the bottom image but luckily it does not interfere too much with the image itself. The scratch is about the thickness of a hair strand. IMG_9354

I had to see how the scratch affected the image. I did find that by rolling the stamper across the image rather than stamping straight on with the bolder images it works better. This was just a quick swatch of the images to see about the scratch.


Below are the images on this plate in case you’re interested.
















The etching on all the images is perfect and I had absolutely no problem picking up any of the images. I had hesitated ordering from Fab ur Nails for a very long time but I’m glad I took the plunge. I have only heard good things from Fab ur Nails and of the owner Johanne. I have already placed another order for some stampers.

ORLY Review: Elsbeth’s Rose

I bought this color while Sally’s had the 50% off clearance nail polish.

I’m not sure how i feel about this color personally and i only wore it for a few days.

This color is a creme pink with what seems like a purple undertone, there is also some little micro shimmer that’s silver.

I used two coats in the pictures below. You could get away with one but I always prefer two. I had almost no application problems with this color. The trick is to wait for it to dry before you add that second coat or it will take the first coat off.


tumblr_nt6vuuXQyr1qbx0iqo1_1280 tumblr_nt6vuuXQyr1qbx0iqo2_1280

here’s a macro that shows the specks of silver in the polish


Plum Milk by Skinfood

So not too long ago I bought this nail polish off Ebay, I saw the color and i had to have it. It was only about $4-$5. When you get to the website it says “Enriched with vitamins and keratin, this long-lasting nail polish protects dehydrated and rough nails, with enhanced shine.” Now i have no idea if that’s true i haven’t checked these claims out.

The nail polish applies smoothly and is a somewhat sheer formula. The polish itself isn’t opaque and a little bit of a creme jelly feel to it.

At the end of two coats i found my smile line showing through enough that it would bug me. I’m all about the opaque polish life. I love the color of it but would i use it on its own? probably not.

One coat


two coats


Mani done with this polish


Plum Milk Roses

Hello my lovely internet friends! Today i bring you a mani done with a polish iv’e had for maybe a year now honestly. So this mani was done using the MoYou london plate Tourist collection-07. The image i used is the one with the roses. I love this plate but honestly i don’t use it as much as i wish i did.

The featured nail polish is Plum Milk by Skinfood.


Sally beauty supply base coat

Plum Milk by Skinfood

Moyou London Tourist collection-07

Seche Vite Top Coat

Bonus: i used a matte coat after a day later since i have never used it and it doesn’t make a ton of difference but i like the look of it.

I’ll do a review on Plum Milk later

Here’s the mani 🙂


China Glaze Ruby Pumps!

Hello my lovey nail polish lovers!

What a week i have started school again. I have recently changed nail shape due to the fact my nails weren’t doing to well with the squoval shape.

Today i bring you China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps! yay glitter! It’s such a beautiful red on the darker side. I don’t know why i hadn’t pick this color up before. The formula is great I used 2-3 coats and it’s opaque. I had no problems while applying it and it didn’t dry gritty feeling. The glitters in this polish are pretty fine and you can see them below in the macro shot.

I used seche vite as my top coat and Morgan Taylor’s Go Ahead and Grow Base Coat


Macro shots:





Since the glitter in it is so fine its very easy to take off. There are no problems whatsoever when removing it. When it comes to glitter it’s one of the things i dislike the most how stubborn it is. Then you have cotton ripping off the cotton ball or pad, its a mess. However i can say i had no problems with this and I’ll probably be wearing it a lot more.

What do you think of my nail shape? I have basically only had squoval shaped nails. It’s new i think i kind of like it.


Nail Mail! Review of Rica polish (Pic Heavy)

Hello my lovely internet people! So i placed an order at JustRica’s  etsy shop

She was having a black Friday sale a day ago but it has now ended. I bought two colors Victorian Bat Society a purple jelly packed with tons of glitter in both purple and black in round and triangle shapes.  I also bought the black stamping polish named Blackout.

My order got here extra fast seeing as we are located in the same state. Shipping was i believe $4.oo USD for both polish.

When i got the package it came in this adorable bubble mailer with the words fragile written on both sides.


The polishes were also wrapped up well and got here unharmed 😀


Here they are both




Blackout is used as a stamping polish but is also a one coat polish found here. I bought it for $5.00 during the sale but It’s regular price is $7.00

When Ricarda says one coater you better believe it. This is an opaque polish if i have ever seen one. It’s so dark and i love it!


this is literally only one coat of this polish,need i say more?

and here it is as a stamping polish(left) compared to WnW black creme (right)


Rica Polish (left) and WnW (right)


BM 506  using WnW  black creme(left) and Rica polish (right)

i had a little bit of trouble because the color dried really fast. I explain a bit more below.


Rica polish on top and the WnW polish on the bottom. As you can tell the black is so opaque that you can’t see through it at all. This is the polish i wish i had back when i did this bonna blue mani HERE  It would have looked way better.


as you can tell the WnW color you can see through it and the little blue lines on my paper. With the Rica polish its beyond opaque and stamped amazingly.


I have been on a search for a black polish that is opaque and stamps well even in the images with open spaces where those types of polishes need to be opaque or else you can basically see through it.  This Rica polish may just have solved my stamping woes for the low price of $7.00 USD but I’m willing to spend that to have a fully opaque black.

The main problem with this polish is one that might be too big to overlook. It dries fast. like really fast, i mean it. I’ve been stamping for a long time and this is the fastest drying polish i have seen. When i paint my line across the top of the image and scrape in the time it takes me to reach for my stamper its dried in the stamping plate.  It’s amazing actually. I could possibly adapt to this by maybe adding a thicker line of polish or somehow scraping faster. I don’t know its some type of ambivalence with that polish at the moment. I hope things can work out because i really do love it.

With that being said, it dries really fast on my bundlemonster & winstonia plates. When it came to my MoYou london plates, because they are etched deeper it doesn’t dry as fast. Looking at the image above of the mona lisa from my MoYou London tourist 07 plate its a very open plate and while i did a hastily done job its so opaque and i got almost all of the image.


Victorian Bat Society

Victorian Bat Society is being discontinued so it is at the price of $4.50 USD currently and found here.

when it comes to jelly polishes I’m not the biggest fan of it because i don’t like my smile line showing through. I figured this color is way to pretty to pass up and i took a chance on it.  This polish covers to an opaque color in 3-4 coats  as most jelly do.


here is a macro shot or two 😀




this is just one coat of the polish so you can see how much glitter is dispersed in one coat


here’s a macro shot of 3 coats on the nail


when it dries its a little gritty looking from the glitter in it that isn’t a problem for a coat  or two of Seche Vite.



I love the blackout polish its perfect for stamping and as a one coater regular polish its beyond perfect.

Victorian bat Society is so pretty and while im not a fan of jellies i know ill be wearing this. Does anyone else hate trying to get glitters off though?

Would i buy again? Yes! shipping was fast and my polish babies unharmed

would i recommend Rica polish? Yes! the prices aren’t out there and from what i have just purchased she makes excellent polishes.


Soft Sienna Silks by China glaze Review! (Bonus stamping NOTD )

Hello my lovely people of the internet!  I’m sorry i haven’t been able to blog more but i really just have a lot to do for school and no time.

Today i used is called Soft Sienna Silks by China Glaze

the formula is watery and its thin, it will take at least 3 coats to get to an opaque color. This is a bronze with tiny specs of shimmer. The shimmer gives it a little boost so its not a boring bronze/coppery color.  It’s very warm and i was honestly a little worried about how it would look with my skin.



It took three coats in order to reach an opacity i am comfortable with. I really don’t like having my nails smile line show through, so i usually like nail polish that is opaque in 2-3 coats.


here is a picture close up of the color and you can see the sparkles/shimmer in it, so pretty.



On to the stamping!

I used my trusty Wet n Wild Black Creme polish. For stamping the plate i used is Viva Mexico Jumbo Plate 1 by Cheeky which you can find for a cheap price on amazon.

oh jeeze please ignore that giant fuzz on my nail! :s


check out that shimmer


and lastly up close and personal with flash


hope you guys enjoy the manicure!